Property Search and Relocation Services

Simple and efficient!… A refundable* deposit secures the showing of a minimum of 3-4 properties which match your criteria.

*Before making payment, I have read and understood the terms of services here

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*Note: Part of the service deposit is refundable to client at the signing of a rental agreement with the homeowner and when a one time payment of half month’s rent plus tax is payable.

Transportation services are free of charge.

* V.A.T in Israel is 17%

Services Include:

  • Assistance in finding apartments – Property searches and facilitating appointments with homeowners for long-term rentals (usually a year). Terms may be flexible, dependent on the owner.

  • Mediation assistance in finalising a lease agreement. This includes: translating lease agreements (into English) if requested, bearing witness of lease signing, photocopying, scanning, and emailing necessary documents between renter/homeowner – either locally or from abroad.

  • Full transportation services within a reasonable radius of 30 km. (Additional transportation services can be available if necessary).

  • Securing date for property showings.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us !


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