Awesome Programs for all – in Israel !



If you are looking for a memorable, affordable, and unique experience, we at Momentum Israel provide many of opportunities which meet your criteria and cater to your own personal taste 🙂
Below are a few of many options we offer.
To get started, simply contact us via the form at the bottom page to enroll in a program today!

Participate on a Private/Agricultural farm program

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Experience life on a specialty farm – meet new people, discover the country, Speak/Learn Hebrew – create life long memories …

Custom Tourism 

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Whatever your budget, travel the country – explore, savor, and experience all that this jewel in the Mediterranean has to offer! Let our personal tour operator create a customized, out of the ordinary itinerary for you, your family/church group or staff!


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Are you interested in enhancing your professional experience?  Spend a few weeks/months gaining practical knowledge in your specific industry … To find out more about our various affordable internship opportunities contact us today 🙂

Learn Hebrew

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Sharpen your conversational Hebrew language skills… Whatever your current level – be in touch with us – you’ll be speaking Hebrew in no time!

Christian programs

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If your calling is to spend some time volunteering/interning/exploring specific pilgrim sites or programs … Connect with us and we can definitely assist in developing a Christian/pilgrim package for you.

Hear what our previous participants are saying about us via our Testimonial page!


To participate/join a program, please complete the short form below… A Momentum Israel team member will revert ASAP!
*Actual program costs may vary depending on program.

*Note: A tourist visa (granted to certain countries automatically on arrival in Israel) is usually valid for up to 3 months… To check your country’s eligibility … in Google type “Israel Visa Tourist Table”


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8 Comments on “Awesome Programs for all – in Israel !

  1. I want to come to Israel ti show my Christian support because I think my country is failing in it’s support to Israel. I had rather being in Israel taking the chance of being killed but know my death will be revenge.

  2. I would like to offer an internship – how do i find out about this. I manufacture modest swimwear in israel and live in Jerusalem – Contact

  3. I love and i stand with israel i hav more problem with a bad poeple arab about racisme i’m not arabic i’m from imazighn poeple from morocco it is a friends with a poeples israel and kurfistan i want you help me to tel this bad live think u so much gode blesse israel shabbat shaloum.

  4. i visited Israeli in 1999 and it has been my life goal to return in any capacity needed to help in any way. im dedicated and am currently setting my my life in order to do. i know it will be hard work but cant think of, or even thought, of any place id rather be. please consider me as a valuable asset to your country. i hsve a full professional workback here in the USA but i feel the time is now to make the move if you would so find it in your heart to allow me. i love the Israeli people with all mt heart. i have a lot to contribute somewhere. thank you so much for the consideration. no job is too low for me to contribute. Beverly Day.

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