Momentum’s Service Terms of Agreement

Terms of Agreement:
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  1. All content is subject to copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without express written consent of the author.
  2. While our company Momentum Israel, strives in providing the best possible service for it’s clients, and in making the information on this website as current and accurate as possible. Momentum Israel makes no claims, promises, or guarantees about the completeness or adequacy of the contents of this site, and expressly disclaims liability for errors and omissions in the contents of this site.
  3. Momentum Israel reserves the right to deny a requested refund of an online deposit/cash payment, made by the client/renter, once services have begun, are underway* or have been finalized.
  4. *Part of the service deposit shall be refunded to the client/renter on the same day, after a leasing agreement is signed and only after the full service fee i.e. half month’s rent has been paid to a Momentum Israel representative.
  5. The client bears the full responsibility to indicate to Momentum Israel via email or through our short questionnaire of all specific apartment preferences. If applicable, they must also include remarks about”deal breaker” features from an apartment that would not prove suitable for rent or purchase. Leaving out any critical information about an apartment may result in failure of Momentum’s ability to find a suitable apartment that closely matches the clients preference!
  6. The only case when a deposit can be fully refunded is in the event that Momentum Israel failed to provide any apartments on the viewing date/s. In this case, the client can then decide whether they would like to reschedule for another apartment viewing date at no additional charge or receive their full refund. MomentumIsrael will not be able to issue any refund prior to the apartment viewing and selection date that was set with client/s (please see clause #3).
  7. According to our service policy and in order to ensure the relocation process goes smoothly and professionally, our client/s agree that our representatives at Momentum Israel will be the only authorized body to set meetings and to negotiate with the landlord/homeowner/tenant at any time during the relocation process. *The only exception to this policy would be if a Momentum Israel representative allowed the client/s, (in form of writing or via an online/phone message which provides the contact details of Homeowner/Tenant and/or apartment information), to be able to contact/negotiate or schedule a meeting with landlord/homeowner/tenant.
  8. Per the clients request and in certain instances, Momentum Israel may give an additional day of service to finalize a relocation/apartment viewing. In this case however, the deposit shall not be deducted towards the total service cost, as stated in clause # 4 after the lease agreement is signed.
  9. Momentum Israel will not be responsible, nor bear any liability for the action taken by homeowners who may personally advertise their property on any social media networks or public markets (This includes and is not limited to, Facebook, Yad 2, Craigslist, etc ). (The onus falls on the client to disclose/inform Momentum Israel representatives of properties that may have been privately sourced  *see clause 11).
  10. Momentum Israel will not be responsible, nor bear any liability for the action taken by real estate agents who may advertise the property of interest on any social media networks or public markets. (The onus falls on the client to inform Momentum Israel representatives of properties that may have been shown to them *see clause 11).
  11. After a service deposit is made and a relocation date was set , Momentum Israel will not be able to issue any refund of the deposit should the client find an apartment by using another service, real estate agency, or has been sourcing out their properties on their own in any such way.
  12. Momentum Israel shall not bear any responsibility, nor be liable for any damages incurred on the property of interest.
  13. Momentum Israel’s representative reserves the right to terminate a service at any time, if  they feel in any way they are being threatened by the client/s or receive any form of verbal/malicious abuse, threats or harassment. Termination of services by a Momentum Israel Representative can also include an act of non-cooperation from the client/s side. The two forms of client/s non-cooperation are as follows:  A.) Client/s do not respond to a Momentum Israel representative’s request/instruction to meet with either 1. A Momentum Israel representative 2. The Homeowner  3. The Renter/Tenant in a timely manner, B.) The client/s choose not to view apartment/s despite their approval with the Momentum Israel representative, that the apartments/s in question are potential matches for rent.
  14. After an apartment viewing has been completed and the lease agreement is signed between renter and owner, Momentum Israel bears no further responsibility for additional services to the client, nor will they take any liability of further actions conducted by either the homeowner or the renter thereafter.
  15.  With regard to the rent/purchase of a property, Momentum Israel is able to assist with facilitation between prospective tenant/buyer and homeowner/seller in terms of introduction, translation of contracts, and/or bearing of witness via a Real Estate Lawyer/Expert.
    Momentum Israel representatives are NOT Real Estate Agents and therefore cannot represent themselves as Realtors, compile or amend contracts, nor take on exclusivity of properties.
    Pricing and service costs are reflected upon the work effort/duration of the service, which includes (though is not limited) to sourcing out properties based on clients criteria, arranging appointments, translating, and photocopying contracts.
    Gas prices may also apply to the total service price in some cases- for example, if a client requests for additional services/transportation that extend beyond a 30 kilometer radius.
  16. All payments, in any form, must be made payable only towards Momentum Israel’s CEO and founder Rani Cohen. Momentum Israel has the right to take legal action if the client/renter does not pay the agreed upon service commission, once the lease agreement has been signed or occupancy has been taken (whichever comes first), from any of the apartments that were shown.
  17. During the relocation process, the client must have in their possession a valid Israeli government I.D or a Passport . In addition, it will be necessary to order and possess bank checks from their local bank, which Owners will need for long term rentals (minimum 1-year).  In Israel, when renting an apartment, its customary to issue the owner 12 postdated checks per month for the entire year.
  18.  After payment of services was made to a Momentum Israel representative, a receipt/s will be issued immediately to the client for the services provided.
  19. Only in extreme cases. e.g. if the property of interest was destroyed i.e. by an act of terrorism Gd Forbid, or became uninhabitable the day after the lease agreement was signed, upon proof provided by the renter and inspection by a Momentum Israel representative, Momentum Israel will relocate the client to another apartment at no additional cost.
Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us !


MomentumIsrael. Copyright © 2020. “All Rights Reserved”

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