Buy a Home in Israel!

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 Simply the best!  


Avoid the high commission fees imposed by Real Estate agencies.
You’ll view homes matching your criteria in the shortest time possible.
A reliable furniture removal company will cater to your specific needs and transport furniture to your new home on a chosen date, OR receive 1 month of private Ulpan courses to get you started speaking/writing in Hebrew with confidence!
In the meanwhile, we can assist you with finding employment in English, among other languages for an entire month!

 *For Apartment or Home Rentals, Click Here 


Service Includes:

Assistance in finding home/apartment for purchase or rent. Property searches and facilitating appointments with homeowners for long-term rentals (usually a year). Terms may be flexible, dependent on the owner.
Mediation assistance in finalizing a lease agreement. This includes: translating lease agreements (into English) if requested, bearing witness of lease signing, photocopying, scanning, and emailing necessary documents between renter/homeowner, either locally or from abroad.
Full transportation services within a reasonable radius of 30 km (additional transportation services can be available if necessary).
Securing date for property showings.
Employment assistance in virtually any field for an entire month at no additional cost!
Moving services, fully insured, on a chosen date at no additional cost!
1 month private Ulpan lessons either on campus, online, or one on one! (Succeeding months are at an additional charge.)
NOTE: An optional request of a Real Estate Lawyer’s help to verify/assist with legal documents is at an additional expense.


For questions, please contact

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