Buy a Home In Israel!

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Simply the best!  


  • Avoid the high commission fees imposed by Real Estate Agencies !!!

  • You’ll view homes matching your criteria in the shortest time possible.

  • A reliable furniture removal company will cater to your specific needs and transport furniture to your new home on a chosen date, OR receive 1-Month of private Ulpan courses to get you started speaking/writing in Hebrew with confidence!

  • In the meanwhile, we can assist you with finding employment in English, among other languages for an entire month!

 *For Apartment or Home Rentals, Click Here 






Service Includes:


  • Assistance in finding home/apartment for purchase or rent – Property searches and facilitating appointments with homeowners for long-term rentals (usually a year). Terms may be flexible, dependent on the owner.

  • Mediation assistance in finalizing a lease agreement. This includes: translating lease agreements (into English) if requested, bearing witness of lease signing, photocopying, scanning, and emailing necessary documents between renter/homeowner – either locally or from abroad.

  • Full transportation services within a reasonable radius of 30 km. (Additional transportation services can be available if necessary).

  • Securing date for property showings.

  • Employment assistance in virtually any field for an entire month at no additional cost!

  • Moving services, fully insured, on a chosen date at no additional cost!

  • 1-Month private Ulpan lessons either on campus, online, or one on one! (Proceeding months are at an additional charge.)

  • *Note- an optional request of a Real Estate Lawyer’s help to verify/assist with legal documents is at an additional expense.




For questions, please contact

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