The Land of Zion Project

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Shalom and Baruchim Haba’im!

ברוכים הבאים

Today, is the beginning of a new journey for individuals from all walks of life, who wish to become spiritually connected to Judaism, the Jewish people, our Jewish heritage, and the Land of Israel.
People from around the world are suddenly discovering within their souls a powerful calling, perhaps mysterious in some ways, which cannot be ignored or explained.
Many feel a bond or attraction towards the Land of Israel and the Jewish people and want to explore this connection further.
In response to the high volume of requests we receive worldwide from people who feel this way, Momentum Israel has listened to your calling.
As a result ,we have created a one of a kind initiative in Israel that facilitates the bonding between you, the Land, and the Jewish people.
Come as an individual or with your family, and become bonded today with the Jewish nation, visit the holy sites, stay in local guesthouses in Israeli towns, and learn and live the way of the Jews.
To inquire about this journey, please complete the following short questionnaire below and we will respond back ASAP. 


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