Experience Israel Today!!! Make Dreams Come True !!!

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For Families and Individuals!

Private Farm/Kibbutz and custom travel around the country.

Volunteer on a farm, Kibbutz, Moshav, for several hours a day, five days a week and in return receive from your host free food and accommodation. Then, take custom tours and explore the country !

Anyone from any nationality, with motivation to help a farmer is welcome!

Volunteers can learn from their host, about organic gardening, wine, green building, cheese making, gray water systems, renewable energy, caring for children or animals, and these are just a few activities!


Have a look at what volunteers have said! https://momentumisrael.com/testimonials/


How does it Work?

1.Members get web access to a list of hosts with full description and contact details of each farm.

2. Members contact the host to participate for the farm of their interest.

3.Hosts can then contact and invite participants to volunteer in their farm.


Types of Farms:

  • Organic Garden

  • Kibbutz

  • Permaculture

  • Wine

  • Green Building

  • Cheese

  • Herding

  • Gray Water

  • Olive Oil

  • Recycling

  • Orchard

  • Animals Care

How Long Can I Stay at the Farm?

Members can stay for a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 3 months.


Package Includes the Following:

  • Accommodation

  • Meals

  • Meet and Greet at airport

  • Guided Facilitation at the airport to taxi/bus/train

  • Programme Membership Fee

  • Conversational Hebrew book

  • Client assistance and customer care throughout your stay


Register NOW to secure for our low 2017 rate – 12 MONTHS to ARRIVE!

ONLY $550 (Including taxes/fees)

*Custom day tour/s are sold separately*

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Families and Groups receive further discounted rates !!!

*Flights, medical insurance, personal ‘pocket money’ not included


  • Medical Insurance.

  • Can assist with facilitating transfer to site.

  • Israeli sim cards and local calls/internet at very affordable rates.

*To sign up for the programme, simply fill out the short form below and we’ll contact you …then you are all set ! 🙂

Please Note- total amount must be paid within a week to secure!

*Note: A tourist visa (granted to certain countries automatically on arrival in Israel) is usually valid for up to 3 months… To check your country’s eligibility … in Google type “Israel Visa Tourist Table”

Momentum Israel. Copyright © 2017. “All Rights Reserved”

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2 thoughts on “Experience Israel Today!!! Make Dreams Come True !!!”

  1. Ana M de Quadros Avellar said:

    Hi, first I want to congratulate you all from Momentum Israel for your webpage, it is beautiful, good work. My question is, can a person stay more than 3 months? Like one year? Thank you for your time.
    Ana Q.

    • Shalom Ana,

      Thanks for the posting your question. It is possible to stay for more than 3 months either with a volunteer Visa or Student Visa. If you’d like to know more about these types of programmes, feel free to fill out our form here https://momentumisrael.com/volunteer/ and Tanya can assist and guide you through the process 😉

      Best and Shavua tov

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