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(Robert Hall – W. Virginia, USA)

“If you are planning a trip to Israel, and you have never been there before, or you are brave to the point, you are going all by yourself, you really should do yourself a favor, and contact Mr. Rani Cohen who is the owner of Momentum Israel.

He is an honest, and a Lovingly Spiritual man, and his assistant, Ms. Tanya, is an express image of Mr. Rani.

They met me at the airport, late at night, with hugs and beautiful smiles, and helped me to get pointed in the right direction, to make my trip to Israel, the most rewarding adventure I have ever experienced, in the seventy-three years of my life.

He is not paying me for my comments, but if he tried to, I wouldn’t accept money from him, because I feel I owe him far too much, for “The Way” he, and Ms. Tanya treated me, with so much Loving sincerity.”

(Sharon Runyan – California USA)

I was looking for opportunities to spend quality time in Israel an came across Momentum Israel on the Internet.  

I filled out the paperwork and quickly received a response from Mordecai at Momentum Israel.  He helped me with all the paperwork and plans that needed to be made. 

I signed up to participate on an Organic Farm near Natanya for one month during the summer of 2018.  What an amazing experience!  I was met at the airport by Mordecai late at night.  

It was so nice to see a smiling face and know there was someone there to help me get started on my adventure. 

During my whole month in Israel, Mordecai from Momentum was available to me by e-mail.  I was helped with planning trips to historical sites.  

Any time I had a question, Mordecai was available to help me out.  If you want an adventure or the time of your life, let Momentum Israel help you plan where to experience your time!

(Jesse dos Santos – Brazil)

“I would like to thank Rani and Tanya from Momentum Israel for their professional help and personal care!

They are wonderful people and they have become my family in Israel. They greeted me at Ben Gurion Airport at 3:00 in the morning!

They helped me from the first day until the last day I was in Israel. I really need to thank G-d who helped me to find Momentum Israel on the internet. It was the best experience in my life.

It was my dream to spend some months in Israel and they made my dream come true! I met wonderful people, made life long friends and planning my return trip ASAP. Rani, Tanya toda, thank you for your help … we will meet again soon.

Ani marguiwh karov Israel archav, Le’hitraot and toda raba!!!”

 (Iris and Alessandro  – France/Italy)

“Thank you Tanya! We have had a life changing experience … We will miss the camels and would love to be back one day”

 (Teresa – California,  USA)

”I stumbled upon Momentum Israel while planning a trip to Israel. I filled out an application and not long after, received a reply from Tanya. 

I decided to sign up for the specialized farm program. She helped me through all the details of signing up and how to smoothly plan my trip, and what to expect.

When I met Tanya, she was so personable and helpful with everything, it turned out to be one of the highlights of my trip!!!

Rani, the CEO was also in sync with Tanya, and seemed passionate about helping with Israeli growth. They felt more like friends and wanted my whole experience in Israel to be remembered in a very positive way.

It seems they’ll go out of their way to assist and be there for you. They are certainly professional but also care… I highly recommend Momentum Israel”

(Martina, Sweden)

“I spent a wonderful year in Israel while studying abroad, and lived among the locals with my cat.

I’ve had a dream for a long time to work and live on a organic farm in northern Israel – a dream which Tanya helped make come true.

Never have I experienced such warm and loving service than what I received from her! It has been a truly heartfelt experience!

Tanya is delightful, and the farm programme was everything I wished for!

Bringing my cat to the specialized farm was also no problem, and she enjoyed it as much as me!

I wholeheartedly recommend Momentum for a great experience of Israel.”

Thank you Tanya!

(Doug, Moldova)

“Tanya, I have recently returned home to Moldova and had a great time on the private farm programme!

I have been in touch with my host and he told me, if I ever want to return he’d love to have me. 

I absolutely loved Jerusalem, especially the Old City. It was a dream of mine to go there for almost 30 years and it happened!!!

Much gratitude to you, Rani and Momentum Israel!”

(David – Ecuador)

“I’m always going to miss the farm and the people there because they have become part of my life and I felt at home at all times”

(Janne – Finland)

“I recently visited Israel for the first time and felt welcome the whole time!

On the farm programme, the people were hospitable and very friendly.
The work was comfortable and versatile.

I had a wonderful experience!
I am coming back in July to try another programme!!!

Thank you Tanya for making it happen! “

(Ondrej Sivek – Denmark)

“After finishing my Internship in Israel, I would like to thank Tanya from Momentum Israel for her help and care, that made my plan a reality and gave me this unique experience. It was a pleasure!”


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