Moving to Israel as a Non-Jew- very important!

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For those who are seeking to start a new life in Israel who do not have Jewish roots, we hope this information is helpful.
You might be among many,  who would like to immigrate to Israel but have no idea where to start,  as you do not have Jewish roots. (In other words, your mother, grandmother, great grandmother is not Jewish) …
Before you consider any ‘formal’ relocation ( to be discussed a bit later) we at Momentum Israel would suggest that you spend some time visiting this amazing country … Tourist visas (for most countries*) are valid for up to 3 months and issued on arrival at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport.
Israel is unique – nestled on the shores of the Mediterranean – a meeting place of east meets west, modern meets ancient, religious meets secular… it’s a kaleidoscope of cultures and religions!

Monument Dead Sea

Enjoy and experience all this small but magical country has to offer, interact with its people, visit its historical Jewish, pilgrim and archaeological sites, savor its foods, speak its language…
In this land of Milk and Honey, although English is widely spoken Hebrew is definitely the language of the people … Knowing Hebrew is essential in order to thrive in Israel 🙂
One solution to learning Hebrew quickly and efficiently is to is to study at a credited Ulpan Institution a Hebrew studies program in Israel, which will allow you to obtain a Student Visa and remain in Israel for a year (or more).


Regarding employment, if you possess a valid work permit, and you are seeking employment – we can assist with your search. Please feel free to make contact with us…
If you do not possess this work permit,  you’ll need to apply via the interior ministry webpage   (*Note, the page is only in Hebrew) It’s highly advised to learn Hebrew in Israel prior to applying for work in Israel , otherwise chances are highly slim to be granted a work permit!
[For general information about opportunities between your country and ours, you may want to start by visiting the Israel Chamber of Commerce and select your country].
For serious inquiries about coming on a live or study program, feel free to visit our new Land of Zion Project page and fill out our simple form and we can gladly assist.
For long term (at least one year) accommodations in Israel, click here !
Finally, Momentum Israel is excited to offer new life-changing programs and other social/travel opportunities!
Become one with the nation by participating on a kibbutz, experience life on an army base, spend time on an internship program… Whatever your interest, MOMENTUM ISRAEL is your BRIDGE to Israel!

Mount Hermon

If  you would like to experience the benefits of studying or participating on one of our specialty programs in our incredible country, short or long-term , Click Here. 


Do you feel a longing or desire to visit/live in the Promised Land and are not sure why? 
Are you interested in learning more about Judaism and becoming connected to the Jewish people and the Land? 
Do you regard your interest in the Land of Israel more than just for information and enjoyment, but rather of a personal and long term vision? 
If you answered YES to either of these questions
click here
*To see if you are eligible for an automatic tourist visa (up to) 3 months – in Google type – ” Israel Tourist Visa Table.”


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94 Comments on “Moving to Israel as a Non-Jew- very important!

  1. Thank you for this informations because it’s difficult to find some details about the way to immigrate to Tel-Aviv!

    I’m french and not jewish and I’d really liked Tel-Aviv when I came for professional reasons (art project with an franco-israelian artist at the dead sea).

    I’m in alternatives medecines and I would like to create my own business in Tel-aviv but it’s really difficult to know how is it possible to live and work there, the visas..etc

    Do you think you can help me ? who could give me this informations ?

    Thank you in advance for you answer



    • Shalom Valentine

      thanks for your comments

      to answer your question, I believe your best two options are:

      1. To find an employer who can sponsor you from France and apply for working visa (review my blog about visas..there is a link there)

      2. You can come to Israel as a visitor for 3 months, learn Hebrew/find an employer, and apply for the working visa.

      I can help , however I need to know a few things:

      when you are planning to come to Israel?

      Do you still have friends/connections in Israel?

      What kind of job are you looking for?( you mentioned alternative medicine) but its a broad field..can you be more specific?

      ~With regards,

  2. Shalom Rani,

    Thank you for your answer

    I was thinking about going there 3 months by a visitor and find a job directly but I don’t know if 3 months will be enough to learn hebrew and also if it’s easy to find a job like this…

    Unfortunately, for the moment I have no more connections in Tel Aviv because we argue with my ex boyfriend and he left in Israel without news.

    About the job, I have different options who interest me :

    – First, maybe I was thinking about having a formation for alternative medecine (ayurveda massage)

    – Or create my own project as a manager of a center in specific alternative medecines, but I don’t know how the government choose the projects and if this field of alternative medecines is demanded.

    – Or find a job in a cultural institution because I worked in Paris as a project manager’s assistant in a gallery of design.

    To conlude, I have 2 fields who interest me : Art and Culture and alternative medecines

    Thank you again for your time and your answers, I really appreciate



    • Shalom Valentine,

      I think it would be wise to come to Israel for 3 months, go to Ulpan to study some hebrew, and find a sponsor here. We can also in the meantime connect with people via email who work in the fields you’ve described above in Israel which would mean you need to be in good relations with them. I’m confident if you network well, you can meet the right people by who can sponsor you to work with them. It wont be simple, but its possible.


  3. Shalom Rani,

    I think you’re right, it’s the best way to find a job. Directly go there as a tourist and then…see!

    It’s really nice to take time to answer my questions, I can see that it’s not impossible to go there 🙂

    I have last question : what is the best way to find an apartment ?

    Thank you again Rani

    Best regards,


    • you are most welcome Valentine,

      it’s a wise choice you’ve made and I am quite sure you can succeed to find the right employer 😉 I will be glad to help and give advice anytime you need it

      In regards to apartments, I believe the best way to finding an apartment in Israel is to contact Ethan.

      His email is

      Best Regards,


  4. Hi
    I am Samuel from India and I would like to work and live in Isreal. I have 7 yrs experience in cable car maintenance at Singapore cable car – Singapore.
    I really need help.I can move anytime
    Thanks a lot
    Samuel kanthiruben

    • Shalom Samuel, thanks for your comments. You should definately come as a tourist and find a sponsor in Israel …please refer to the front page. Any Questions you are always welcome to email me;-)

      good day

  5. Shalom

    Dear Sir, your article found it to be very helpful, as I have been for the last four years been doing a lot of personal researching into the land of Israel. why as to to being a no Nation to be born in won day has gripped my heart and how Jewish people have got themselves up to start a new start in Israel their ancestry land. however, I am interested in coming to Israel soon and work or volunteer, as love the country and the people as well. however, few problems. if I w\ant to migrate to Israel, I am not a profession or have any papers to prove whether I am a Jew. I live in Britain but originally from Romania. so I hate Britain cause there is no jobs the economy is terrible. please can you help me please. however, I am willing to do the Ulpan course as see it as important to learn Hebrew and loved it when traveled Israel for 6 weeks last year, felt very much connected to home. Shalom

  6. Hi,
    I would like to migrate to Israel. I’m from Finland and I’m not jewish. I’ve been to Israel and love your country. I have almost 10 years of work experience in prison security and other detention centers. Is it possible to get security work in Israel if non citizen?

  7. I am an American, and thinking of immigrating to Israel. I am not Jewish. I support Israel, I always will but I would like to do more to support Israel. The problem is my government leaders. I have been an aircraft mechanic for 13 + years, mostly commercial and military. I enjoy the few customs I do know but Living in Miami, most Jewish people are weary of others.
    I don’t know if I should talk to someone at the embassy or not. Would it help if I agreed to join the IDF?

  8. Thank you for this information. I’m a nigeria but I wish to go to israel to work and study a little. I will content you soon or you can mail me detail. Looking forward to a good working relationship.

  9. Hello I am from Slovakia and I want to move to Israel what to do what it is needed. Pochazdam a Jewish family. Thank you

  10. Hello my name is Eric, I am from canada, i am 27 years old, would I have to serve in the IDF to become an israeli citizen? Do you think there’s is work for welders available In Israel?

    • Shalom Eric from Canada

      There should be availability , you can send me a personal email and I will see what can be done.and go over the options..


  11. Hi, my name is Samir, I’m an Indian National, I’m stuck in a very strenge situation.I try to explain here. My wife got a post dotoral fellowship in Technion University in Haifa. University have applied a student Visa for her and depenent (A4) visa for me and our 3 year old son. The fellowship she will get will not be sufficient to survive comfortably in Haifa. I’m an engineering gradute with more than 11 year industrial experience in India and really want to support my family in Israel. can you help me in getting more information and solution for my situation?
    The academic year will start in month of October, our visa is under processing and will takes its own time. Mean while I’m exploring if I can get a work permit /employment before hand, but being dependent I’m not allowed to work and seraching a job from India is also seems difficult.
    If I get into Israel as a dependent on a A4 Visa holder am I permitted for multiple entry and am I allowed to apper for interview or meet people for employment search. What exctly A4 visa status.
    Can you suggest the way out in this situation.

    Thanks and Best Regards


  12. I have no Jewish ancestry at all but would maybe like to live in Israel as a retired person not working.
    Is this possible?

  13. Hi,

    I made Aliya this year from South Africa with my daughter in March. My mother in law (who is not jewish) is looking to come here and live with us, would she qualify to work here or due to us being jewish would that be helpful?

    Any information would be of much help,

    Thank you

    • Shalom Michal,

      Thank you for your inquiry. Your mother-in-law would need to process her request via the Misrad Hapmin (Ministry of Absorption) or via the Jewish Agency in S.A.
      Should you need one on one assistance and full guidance, there is a very wonderful gentleman named Tomer who can work to process all the necessary documents/ bureaucratic elements, etc. Should you need this assistance, send us an email at or contact me at 054-945-7582
      Best and yom maxim 😉

  14. Shalom,
    I would like to visit Israel with my family in the next couple of months with the view to live there so we will all stay there a week and then my eldest child and I stay there and get work for a couple of months. How do I get a work permit to work in Israel and find work and is my stay limited to 3 months?

  15. Shalom,

    I have been leaving in israel since 3 husband is working here.we are not Jewish.but I really love this country and I want a permanent relation with this can I get Israeli citizen?


  16. Hi I am currently living in the united states, and I would like to come and visit and I am not Jewish but I would like to find a job in the medical field, I am currently a medical assistant . But hopefully open a free clinic one day to give free medical help to the poor is this possible to find a job in the medical field? Also do you help provide housing or how does that work Im looking to come by myself ?

    • Shalom Trina, thanks for posting your comment. It’s heart-warming to hear your support and help for the impoverished.
      We can provide both accommodations and, depending on circumstances, find someone who is looking to hire qualified candidates from abroad for medical help in Israel.
      You can send us an email at and we can discuss the options available…
      Best and yom tov

  17. Are there support groups for non-jewish, semi-retired christians who want to move to Israel? I would like to work with believers to assist and support Israelis in whatever way I can.

    • Shalom Evelyn,

      Thanks for your comment! We have just put together programs specifically dedicated for non-jews who wish to stay in Israel for a while and support Israeli’s and other minorities. You can visit our page and fill out the simple form below and we’ll get back to you with all available options !

      Best and Merry Xmas from the Momentum Team 🙂

  18. Hello my name is Ezekial Joseph. I’m from India. As a Christian I’m very eager to join the idf and want to protect the God’s chosen people. I would like to serve for the people of Israel and it will be a honour for me if I join the idf. Please give me suggestions regarding this issue. How can I join idf? What are the qualifications? Can I join or not?

  19. Hi!
    I am polish jew but i don’t have any papers to prove it. Most possible i will start university in october but I wanted to come Israel as soon as possible, to study language and find a job. My question is if there is any possibility to find any kind of jobs without hebrew and university degree. Where to start research ? I am completely in love in Israel and i will do everything to move there 🙂

  20. Hello!
    It has been a dream of mine to live in Israel since I was a child. I came to Israel as a teenager and then I was able to come again this past summer with my husband and children. I am a teacher (teaching music/theatre/dance/voice/piano) and will be graduating with my doctorate this spring. My husband, a fervent supporter of Israel, is a police officer and would love to come and serve the land of Israel. With our job qualifications, Is there even a slight possibility of us being able to live in Israel? We would do whatever it would take if this dream could become a reality.Thank you so much for your time!

    • Shalom Taryn,

      Thanks for posting your comment.
      It’s always refreshing to hear from our visitors who wish to live in the Land of Milk and Honey. Please email Tanya from the email provided in my previous comments on this page and she can help in determining options for possible residence.

      Shalom and Shana tova 2015 😉
      Ba’atzlacha (best wishes)

  21. Hi I am currently in Israel seeking employment in the language and/or hospitality sphere. I am fluent in English, Spanish, german and russian

  22. Shalom,

    I am one of the many non Jews wanting to move to Israel. I am not residing in Israel at the moment. My biggest question is can a gentile get permanent residence in Israel, if not citizenship? If it is possible, where can I start?
    If you could be so kind as to get back to me I will be forever grateful!
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

    • Shalom Ella,

      Thanks for posting your questions! I think many on this blog ask the same thing and wish to receive the right answers.. 😉

      Securing employment in Israel is the best way to secure a future in the Holy Land, though this may be complicated for those who have no Jewish roots or Israeli connections unless you are sponsored from within. A Volunteering program such as a Kibbutz or an internship may be an excellent way to get connected with the right people for work-related connections. Furthermore, once you’ve obtained a volunteering Visa through a programme such as ours, it is possible to have it extended for a long time, which can allow for establishing the right contacts/sponsor.

      Feel free Ella, to contact Tanya at and she can help with volunteering programmes and perhaps be able to provide a sponsor for you in the future.

      Best and Mazal tov!

      Rani Cohen

  23. Dear Momentum.
    I have a long story…I have always yearned for Israel. As a child my friends wanted to visit Disney World. I wanted tovisit Israel. I have been adopted as a baby and descovered nearly 30 years later that my biological father was of Jewish descent. I am currently living in Namibia, Africa. I am a South African citizen. I am a qualified English teacher and have taught English at a private school for 20 years. I am DESPERATE to live in Israel.
    Can you please help me?
    Sonia Horn

  24. I would like to serve in the Israeli military and become a citizen. I am not Jewish. Can I go through the Israeli consulate.

    • Shalom Derek,

      Thanks for your email. It’s good to know you wish to help our nation.
      We have a program which involves joining or participating in the IDF for people who are non citizens.
      Please contact Tanya at and she can direct you.


  25. I would like to go to israel as touristor. should i know herbew?

    will they allow me (indian – catholic christian)?

    • Shalom March, Thanks for your comment!

      You can get by as tourist speaking English and of course any religion is welcome to Israel as long as the country has good diplomatic relations. I can also highly recommend to look at several programs offered here (which includes Christian programs and pilgrimage trips). Tanya can help/guide to choose the right trip/program for you. Wishing you a Shavua Tov (Great week)

  26. Hello.
    I have converted to judaism and made aliah 5 years ago.
    My mother who is not jewish would like to move here as well to be close to our family. How can she apply for an immigration visa?
    Thank you in advance.

  27. I would like to find out if my grandmother was Jewish. My mother was orphaned at age 11 and so I only know my grandmother’s name which sounds like a Jewish name. I have been told that the University of Tel Aviv has a department that is the best in the world for searching Jewish roots. Can you help me?

  28. Shalom,
    I just moved to Israel 3 months ago, as a student unil July. I have a student visa that expires in October but I would like to stay and work here starting in July, or finding an internship that can lead to work and a work permit. Is this possible?

  29. Hi I am looking for live in Israel permanently. Currently I am DJ and Music producer converted to Judiasm my self my mom, father are not. What is producre for migrate do I need to work IDF. Even I am ready join protect innocent and Holy land.

    Thanks & regards
    David Eisen

    • Shalom David,

      Thanks for your posting. Regarding I.D.F programs, simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page here and select the I.D.F volunteering option. You can also speak with Tanya to determine your eligibility status in becoming an Israeli resident – Though I would begin by requesting on receiving a letter from your Rabbi that you have converted through him/her and to send this over to Tanya who can guide you through the rest of the process.


  30. Hi
    This is Shobab here. I would like for my daughter to do post graduate studies in Israel. We have a keen interest in Israel. We identify with Israel as our own and without even being g there we think of it as ours and take great pride in anything Jewish. I am constantly devouring any books I can lay my hands on concerning Israel. I was in Israel in December with my mom and daughter and we would love to be a part of this uniquely special country. Please let me know if my daughter can do college education in Israel. She has studied commerce and is 20 years old.

    • Shalom Shobab,
      First I hope you had a wonderful Shabbat (weekend). It’s always wonderful to hear about worldwide support for the Jewish nation. I am personally humbled by your words. Shobab, it is possible for your daughter to study in an Israeli credited College/University. A good place to begin may be at the IDC (interdisciplinary School of Herziliya)
      Should she require further assistance whether regarding accommodation help or Hebrew studies or even an Internship or Volunteer program … she can contact us at

      Wishing you a shavua tov (great week) and we hope to see you again in Israel 😉

  31. I am a Registered Nurse w/25 yrs experience, primarily in Critical Care…I am interested in emigrating to Israel in the next year…

  32. Hi,
    How would I go about moving to Israel with my family? I am British, my wife Polish and my son dual nationality. I would also need to find work.
    Is this a possible task?

    • Shalom Jon,

      Thanks for posting your comment-
      If you or your family are not Jewish, I advise to visit the Land of Zion project page found here (see if it interests you) and fill out the form there.
      The Land of Zion project Jon, gives anybody the opportunity to come to Israel and assimilate with the Jewish nation. This project is meant to help guide and show certain ways you can live in Israel with your family. Tanya will discuss the project further with you.

      Best and hope we see you here soon

  33. I am Journalist and Occupational Therapist from Germany. I want to become an Israeli resident. But I am not Jewish. I am interested to convert to progressive Judaism in Israel. But I figured out in Israel this is is not allowed for people who are no residents yet. What can I do to get a working Visa for this country? I am looking forward to hear from you. Warmly, Linda.

    • Shalom Linda,

      Thank you for sharing your comments.
      Actually, there is some good news and hope regarding people who are not Jewish but wish to convert or become assimilated into the Holy Land. You can visit our new project here fill out the form if it interests you,and speak with Tanya.

      Wishing you a yom maxim (great day) and shavua tov (good week).

  34. Hello, what are options for families to relocate to Israel (non Jews)? I saw you suggested the Zion project, could you go into more detail of what that project looks like? We are Christians from the U.S. And have a heart for Israel and its people and culture.
    Are families able to work/live on a kibbutz or is that mostly for single adults to just volunteer?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Shalom Amber,

      Thanks for posting your comment. That is correct, you can work on a kibbutz either as a family or a single person.
      However , the land of Zion project allows non-jews to come to Israel and intergrate with Israeli’s and receive the right connections and option for a long term stay.
      For more details about this project Amber, please fill out the form from the Land of Zion webpage or directly contact program director Tanya at

      Shavua tov (have a pleasant week)

  35. Hello, my name is Carl. I am a US citizen and have a wife and two daughters ages 10 and 11. We are very interested in moving to Israel and migrating there. I am a master jeweler and very knowledgeable in construction or mechanical work or even other building projects. My wife has a bachelor degree in Physical Therapy from the Philippines and can be a very good care taker. We homeschool our children. What are the steps we need to take to make this move a possibility? We are interested in staying at a kibbutz ulpan where we can learn the language. But I haven’t found any group offering it for ages 60 snd 39. Please advise us. We are also Certified Fema Christian Chaplains here in the USA. Thank you.

  36. Hi. I am a 50year old young at heart female wanting to stay at a Kibbutz on a voluntary work basis for a month or 2. Noticed there are no options for my age, are you able to advise? Thank you. Sharon.

  37. Hi. I am a 50 year female, young & healthy at heart. Noticed Kubbitz are only for the younger age. Would love to visit Israel for a 1 or 2 month basis. Is there any Kibbutz that can assist me. thank you. Sharon.

  38. Hi, my name is Charles Nicas William from Tanzania East Africa am interested to study and in Israel with a sponsor from there am 26 years old i did my high school in Tanzania and I did not continue with my studies since 2013 when my father died i don’t have any one to help me for further university or college studies. can you help me to connect me with different people who can offer sponsor to me?
    My interest is to study in Israel and am interested in Health care professional such as Doctor, Pharmacist, Nurse, Laboratory technician etc.

    • Shalom Charles,

      First of all thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear about your situation with your fathers loss. The government will only issue you a 3 month tourist visa to Israel. Regarding studies, we can help, however please consider the finances involved Charles. It can be a complicated process since so many request the same thing in order to stay in Israel and get rejected. You can try contacting Tanya at and see if she can help.

      Wishing all the best!

  39. I feel I need to come. I am not Jewish but want to experience. British based, don’t know where to start. Best regards, David.

  40. Hello there I am a Filipino I have Jewish heritage from my grandmother’s side, I also have Jewish relatives living in Israel. I am interested to immigrate to Israel with my family. Please help me realize the feasibility of this plans. I am an electrical engineer with 17 years of experience in the power generation industry. thank you.

  41. My father and his parents were Jewish, however my mother was not. Does this affect potential emigration to Israel?

    • Shalom Steve, thanks for your question, according to the Israeli Law of should be entitled for immigration to Israel. Check with your Jewish Agency and provide them proof that your father is Jewish by providing paperwork/birth certificate… Should you need further assistance with relocating to Israel, feel free and contact me directly at
      Best and Mazal Tov;-)


  42. Hello, I’m a non-Jewish American who has recently gotten involved with an Israeli citizen. I wish to study Hebrew in Tel Aviv so I can grow fluent in the language and also be with my partner. I have no knowledge of how I can apply for a language school or how much it will be. I don’t have a lot of money and just worry that I won’t be able to be with my partner while she goes to school. Sorry to waste your time if my desire to live in Israel is just not possible.

    1.) Is Ulpan only for Jewish immigrants?

    2.) Are getting married to an Israeli citizen or converting to Judaism even options?

    • Shalom Bronson,

      Thanks for your posting 😉

      Bronson, to answer your two questions, It is not necessary to be Jewish in order to study/learn Hebrew in Israel. If you wish to prolong your stay in Israel, you can come on a Student Visa for a year and study, while living in Israel. For more info or if you wish to attend Ulpan (Hebrew Studies) in Israel, simply fill out the short form from the link provided

      To answer your second question, yes marriage and conversion are options to become either an Israeli citizen or to work legally, however to study in Israel it is not necessary;-)

      I hope this helps , yom tov (great day)

  43. Hello please help me out iam an israeli citizen who got married abroad i have 1 son who is 5 years old we live in kurdistan we have been getting death threats what are my options to return to israel as soon as possbile with my husband and son they both hold iraqi passports

    • Shalom Moran

      Sorry to hear your situation
      Immediately contact the Jewish Agency through their website – we can help with the accommodation aspects.

  44. Shalum, I am wanting to relocate my family wife 2 daughters to Israel as soon as I can. We all are us citizens with no personal connections to Israel unfortunately. We have no way to prove we are from the land either unfortunately! We were looking to come on a visa for 3 months, in the attempt to find work. Do you think 3 months is enough to do so? Without knowing anyone? If I do find work will my family be able to stay with me? Or will they have to leave at the 3 month mark? My frame of work is in the maintenance technician field and I have a lot of experience, but like I stated we do not know anyone from Israel at all. I am a hard worker and believe in my abilities, just don’t know anyone who is of the land. Not sure if 3 months would be enough. Should I start job seeking in advance? Or wait until I arrive ? Me and my wife do no little Hebrew but not fluently. We are looking to come in the fall 2020 so by then we should be better speaking the language. We just want to come home to the promise land to live freely any and help spread Love/Happiness!! Any advice would help. Thank you

    • Shalom Keith,

      Thanks for your comment. I would come visit Israel (If you haven’t already) to experience life here and perhaps participate on a kibbutz program or learn Hebrew. It would be required to know basic Hebrew in order to live here. Therefore, if you wish, we offer both Hebrew studies or Kibbutz programs – then perhaps while you are here you can see if there are any companies who can sponsor you to work (this is more of a challenge, however) and depends on the governmental policies to become approved. Should you require assistance you can contact us at

      Best and yom tov.

  45. Shalom. I’m not a jew. I was married with an israeli (he is living also in Romania now from almost 15 years)From our marriage we have a son who is 9 years old now and he has Israeli passport. That means he is also a citizen. Our son is very sever autism affected and I take care of him alone. His father is not involved in his life, not in his therapy in anything and for me is very difficult to take care of him by myself. In Romania we dont have good services for special needs kids. I’m very scared that he will be a teenager soon and I want to move in israel for him, for his benefits and for a better life. I want to offer him a better services in autism and a better future. His grandfather and his aunt are living there but I dont think they will accept us to live with them. Their family dosent care at all about the child… it’s possible for my to take an extended Visa? My son being a citizen is in a high risk here. I have learned Hebrew (level ב) in romania in the university. I dont know how to manage this problem. Maybe I need an Israeli lawyer? I dont know how to start… thank you very much!

    • Shalom Elena,

      Thanks for your comment post.

      The first step is to contact the Jewish agency
      (You may also locate an Israeli embassy in Romania) to apply for right of return or Aaliyah status. After you have spoken with the agency and they approve your documents for Aaliyah, I can help you in finding your accommodation and relocation needs in Israel. You can send us an email at

      Thanks for your message and I am wishing you and your son all the best as of now- stay safe and healthy.

      Rani Cohen

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