Momentum Launches New Initiative – Make a Miracle Happen !!!!

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 Why Contribute?

  • Make a difference from afar – show your unity and solidarity towards the Holy Land from all corners of the globe!

  • Expansion and growth – directly help develop and improve infrastructure and resources – so we can assist more people of all nationalities visit and work in Israel.

  • Most significantly, you are creating a historical legacy… The construction of a Monument Hostel, which symbolizes unity, faith, and support towards our country and her people, can only be made possible through your contributions. (Further details and updates of the Hostel construction to follow…)

  • All donors who’ve made this true miracle possible, will have their names carved in Jerusalem stone on the building walls. Thus allowing millions from around the world to appreciate this wonder that you have created and believed in.

 To launch and support our initiative “Buy a Jerusalem Stone” …please click the “Buy Now” button (Amount is $18 US Dollars)

Buy Now Button

Make sure to keep your donation receipt and send via with the spelling of your names.

Thanks and God bless-תודה ואלוהים יברך אותך

Momentum Israel. Copyright © 2016. “All Rights Reserved”

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