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Israel Travel During Covid 19

Our world has certainly changed after Covid 19 … We have learnt that there is NO time like the present … If you have EVER WANTED to visit the Holy Land, NOW is the time… * Let us help you fulfill your dream in… Continue Reading “Israel Travel During Covid 19”

Tips for Relocating to Israel

       Living and working in Israel can be one of the most rewarding and life changing experiences! From the warmth, openness, and candid wisdom of the people, to the vibrant and savory Mediterranean foods, sing along music, magnificent cultures from all three religions, to discovering one… Continue Reading “Tips for Relocating to Israel”

Hebrew Studies and Participants

  Whether you would like to improve your Hebrew in Israel or Participate on a Kibbutz/Specialty Farm, Momentum Israel provides you with the best and most recommended institutions. For Hebrew Studies: Click Here For farm/kibbutz and other unique programs: Click Here

Finding Employment in Israel – We have the Soultion!

Momentum Israel has a dynamic and reliable team with all the right connections. We find your desired work in the fastest time possible, whether in English, Hebrew, or other languages!   For more info: Click Here      

Find an apartment matching your criteria in a matter of hours, today!

Unlike Real Estate agencies in Israel, Momentum Israel not only finds apartments matching your criteria, we provide a reliable-English friendly service and can offer moving services, Legal Services, Ulpan studies, and transportation.   For more info: Click Here