About The Host Family and Area of Neot Hakikar

A warm message from the “Desert Dawn” Family Hosts Etti and David


Shalom and Welcome,

My husband David and I are residents in the Neot Hakikar Dead Sea community for 40 years.

The soils in the region are highly salty, temperature can reach up to 50 celsius, although crop growth is excellent here.

We used to grow winter vegetables such as tomatoes, melons, watermelons, grapes, palm flower, eggplant, and more.

The village has 100 families and consist of a small and supportive community that together established a thriving and quality education system.

We raised 3 children and built our home in which we currently live with both of our hands.

Our house is situated in a landscape of rock marl, a primeval place, away from the crowds.

The areas abound include:

Short and comfortable hikes/walking trails with/without Children

Challenging trails for experienced hikers.

Bicycle Trails

Jeep Tours

Swimming pool

Plus many varied activities listed below.

We will be happy to host you in our home, whether for relaxation or take a walk and enjoy the sign of your soul… 😉



Etti and David



Nearby hiking routes:


  • Mushroom Trail: Exit the cabin into the marl and fascinating easy route marked. About half an hour’s walk each way.

  • The spring eye Pluto trail: 3 minutes or half an hour walk, a small pond created between the palm trees.

  • Sodom Trail: 3 minutes from the house 45 minutes’ walk easy and pleasant circular route.

  • Agricultural tour: a one-hour or so on the history of settlement and agricultural development, types of crops, and special solutions for our region.

  • Bathing in the Dead Sea: about 20 minutes.



Bicycle Trails:


Two marked routes that pass within agricultural areas.

(easy and comfortable ride.)

  • Nahal Bokek: a half-hour drive track moving water is also easy for children.

  • Nahal Peres: half an hour away, walking an hour or so, down, (potable water not always available)

  • Nahal Zohar: half an hour away from home, kidney downhill for about an hour with the view of the Dead Sea until you reach the beach.

  • Small crater: a half-hour drive from home. Track a half-hour walk in the landscape of the crater.

  • Mamshit: half an hour away from home.

  • Ancient Nabataean village, exploring its antiques or camel riding, short or long route.

  • Pratsim: 20-minute drive from the house a comfortable half-hour walk in the magical landscape marl formations and memorable!

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  1. hello
    I will be willing to join you an assist in what you do.

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