A Jewish Sabbath Experience

Connect with your Soul…
Trip Overview

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The Jewish Sabbath (Shabbat) is a unique and magical time…
Shabbat begins at sunset on Friday evening and
continues until nightfall on Saturday…
Jews from around the world savor these 25 hours
by spending time with family and friends, enjoying delicious Shabbat meals,
going to Synagogue, and having quiet reflective moments…

You too can now experience this special day with Momentum Kerem.


Full Shabbat Experience: 


Arrival at the venue early Friday afternoon…
Pre Shabbat tour – watching and witnessing the hustle and bustle of the city preparing for and then closing for Shabbat… Including walking through the Shuk (market).
Enjoy Kabbalat Shabbat (welcoming the Sabbath) and Kiddush (Shabbat ritual) at 1-2 Synagogues.
Leave before Maariv (evening service) and return to venue for dinner.
Delicious Friday night dinner, meet people from around the world, sing along to Shabbat melodies, listen to some words of  Torah wisdom,and end the evening with a glass of authentic Israeli wine on the rooftop terrace.
Accommodation can be provided (if available).


Saturday morning:
Light breakfast
Walking tour
10:00 – 11:30 – Visit 2-3 Tel Aviv Synagogues- listening to stories about the building and the communities inside.
11:30-12:30  Join a Kiddush (taste some delicious home made Shabbat finger foods)
Walk back to venue
1:30 Shabbat lunch
Take a break on the beach (weather permitting).

Shabbat afternoon historical tour – walk to Jaffa and watch the sunset from Jaffa.

Shabbat Experience ends – return to venue


Optional extra walking tours:
Walk Tel Aviv – Explore Tel Aviv’s history, art and culture. Watch the scenery change from street to street on a magical tour that takes you from Israeli independence to hipster graffiti and back!

Walk Jaffa – Enjoy a historical walk in old Jaffa. Hear stories of crusaders, Napoleon and the first days of a young Israel. Together we will internalize the old waterfront and explore the market as you walk from past to present.

Culinary Tel Aviv – Israel is a melting pot of cultures and foods! Join our expert tour guides as we explore the history of the Jewish people returning from exile in the diaspora along with the dishes they brought with them.

Your package Includes:


 Also Included:
                                                     *Entrance Fees        * Licensed Guide         * Meeting point pick/drop off                                        
                                                     *Insurance               * Driver                         * 3 & 4 Star Hotels
About your guide :


Charlie, a licensed tour guide by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, started his career as an assistant tour guide at the age of 12.  He joined his uncle who ran a field school of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Santa Catharina in the Sinai Peninsula and ever since the love for the country is inherent in him.

Charlie has a great experience guiding incoming tourism of large groups, hi-tech companies, guests of governmental agencies, private companies, family and single tours (conducted in a limousine).

Providing different types of tours such as pilgrimage tours, Jewish Heritage Tours, Private tours for businessmen, family tours, and much more, MomentumIsrael is proud to have Charlie with us on board,  together offering you the experience of a lifetime !

Total cost for the 5-day program per Adult is only $1300 USD including all taxes/fees. 
Children under 12 years of age receive a 30% discount. Couples receive a 20% discount.
Paypal/Credit card options accepted for easy payments.
To register and reserve your date, please fill out the simple form below.

*Note: A tourist visa (granted to certain countries automatically on arrival in Israel) is usually valid for up to 3 months… To check your country’s eligibility … in Google type “Israel Visa Tourist Table”


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