Momentum Israel Program Terms of Agreement

  1. All content is subject to copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without express written consent of the author.
  2. Once a client/program participant has clicked on Terms of Agreement via this link/page and prior to registration or processing payment for any of the Momentum Israel programs, the client/volunteer is assumed to have read and accepted the clauses set forth in this agreement. The client/program participant shall make no claim as to failure to have read and/or disagree with the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.
  3. As soon as payment has been made to secure participation in the program of interest, the client/program participant has 48 hours to cancel for any reason – and shall receive a 70% money back refund. After the 48 hour period, payment cannot be refunded.  Note* all payments can be made in three different methods, Credit Card, PayPal, or through a Western Union money transfer station. Upon payment, Momentum Israel/PayPal will issue client an immediate electronic receipt or a paper receipt upon their arrival.
  4. Momentum Israel has the discretion to freeze the program date to assist the client/program participant to visit and participate in the program of interest at a later date… Keeping in mind, rates may increase annually or accrued taxes may be applied, and therefore an additional payment may become necessary to cover the expenses.
  5. Momentum Israel will not be held accountable for any consequences, including but not limited to, any fines, deportation, imprisonment time,  etc- that are imposed on a program participant/s due to his/her visa expiring, misbehavior, or negligence.
    The program participant amuses full responsibility to respect and abide by the length of Visa received. The onus rests solely on the program participant to ensure he/she/group departs Israel on/before the visa expiry date. Momentum Israel, its employees, agents or representatives will not be held responsible for any criminal (or other) consequences which may incur.
    In addition, Program participants are at all times to respect the ethos/religious or other beliefs/opinions of their hosts/peers.
  6. In the event client/potential program participant fails to cooperate with a Momentum Israel representative or complete a full payment for the program of interest, the onus/responsibility will fall directly on clients shoulders. As a result, he/she may lose their program participation entirely and at their expense.
  7. Should there be any unexpected program changes, made by the specific program of interest, Momentum Israel shall notify the client about these changes and together with the client, decide on a suitable and/or alternative date.
  8. Once a client/program participant has registered for a particular program, he/she may not assume that if he/she changes their mind in not participating on the program of interest, this will automatically entitle him/her access to an alternative program or other Momentum Israel services. This decision will be entirely at the discretion of Momentum Israel’s CEO, however at no guarantees.
  9. A detailed payment plan to assist client/program participant may be made at the discretion of Momentum Israel. (In these cases, the program will need to be secured with a (non refundable) deposit).
  10. Upon securing one’s program, a Momentum Israel representative shall provide telephonic/customer support when needed, before and during the client’s stay in Israel. However, once on the program itself, Momentum Israel is not under any obligation, liable, or responsible for what occurs between the program/farmer and client/program participant.
  11. The responsibility/onus is on the program participant to disclose any physical and/or health and/or mental condition and/or any other condition that might limit or impede his/her participation in the program. The client/program participant is aware that Momentum Israel’s consent to register him/her onto a program relies upon the absence of such notice. Any malfunction and/or expenditure caused as a result of the program participant’s medical and/or mental condition shall be incurred by the client/participant only.
  12. The client/ program participant declares and warrants that he/she understands he/she is a part of a kibbutz/farm program. Hence, he/she declares and warrants to conduct him/herself with patience and tolerance towards all other program participants, cooperate and abide by the farmer/program director’s instructions in the course of his/her relations with other participants and towards others in general.
  13. Liability for injury and damages: Momentum Israel is not liable whatsoever for any damages/injuries – no matter how great or small, caused to the client/program participant during their stay in Israel. It is hereby clarified and emphasized that no refunds shall be given for discontinuation of the program owing to disease, injury or any other reason. The client/program participant shall not make any claim, pecuniary or other, that may derive from the services or in relation thereto, against Momentum Israel, its employees, agents, representatives or anyone acting on its behalf.
  14. Should a program participant disobey any instructions regarding safety- he/she does so at their sole discretion and as a result, will be fully liable for the consequences.
  15. Documentation, passports, and entry visas: the client/program participant is responsible to issue a passport, extending its validity and issuance of entry visas and/or Laissez-passer and/or visas to Israel and abroad. The passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure.
    Insurance: The client/program participant has the duty to hold a comprehensive insurance – as required by the program. The insurance should be obtained prior to departure and should begin on the day of departure, spanning the whole period abroad.
  16. Health, medications, and vaccinations: the client/program participant is obligated to notify Momentum Israel or the program, as to physical and/or mental limitations and/or any other limitation. The client/program participant is obligated to fully disclose information concerning this matter as specified in the Insurance Contract Law. A pregnant woman is obligated to furnish a medical confirmation in English concerning her condition and approving that she is capable of flying, and in any event her inclusion in the flight is at the discretion of the airline company. The client/program participant is responsible for arranging the appropriate vaccinations (should there be any) and medications and bringing his/her own medications to the program according to his/her habits and needs. *The Program Participant’s is solely responsibility to meet AND adhere to all necessary Covid-19 travel requirements.
  17. Natural phenomena, weather, and forces of nature: Momentum Israel is not responsible for different climactic phenomena (floods, fog, clouds, and so on) and/or other circumstances that are beyond its control and that may cause any change or cancellation. It shall be exempt from liability towards the program participant concerning anything related to cancellation and/or change in any time and caused directly and/or indirectly as a result of force, strikes, disturbance of public peace, fire, inundation, weather conditions, civil revolt, war, acts of terrorism, military operations, invasions, rebellion, pandemics, volcanic eruption, disease, robbery, theft, boycott, arrests, technical malfunctions, or any similar event caused by force.
  18. This agreement is conditional upon the final approval of clients by Momentum Israel and the associated program. As such, Momentum Israel may decide to cancel the agreement at any stage and return payments.
  19. The client/program participant is to consider these Terms of Agreement as binding for a period of 10 years.

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