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Shalom!  And welcome to our webpage!


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Living and working in Israel can be one of the most rewarding and life changing experiences!
From the warmth, openness, and candid wisdom of the people, to the vibrant and savory Mediterranean foods, sing along music, magnificent cultures from all three religions, to discovering one of the most beautiful landscapes and holiest sites in the world, with its center being in Jerusalem.
This site was created to help overcome challenges of relocation to Israel by providing excellent resources and guidance to finding work and a place to live.
Please refer to the link tabs at the top of this page for navigating through the relevant areas of interest. Alternatively, visit our About page for links to our services and unique programs.
By sharing your comments through our blog, we’ll also be glad to interact with you and answer any of your questions!

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Please read on to find out what are the 6 most crucial things needed to finding employment when coming from abroad…

1. Have an Employer/Sponsor


• Finding an employer or a sponsor to hire you is the most important aspect in securing your future in the small county. You can refer to the Israeli chamber of commerce to find opportunities from your country or find many headhunters sites online (most are in Hebrew).
For our latest job listings in English, visit our FaceBook or Linkedin Page and feel free to join our group for weekly updates.


2. Acquire a work permit and or/travel visa

Tel Aviv Beach

• Once sponsored by an employer, you can apply for an Israeli work permit through the Ministry of Interior and scroll down to ‘Visa and Permits’ section, select the last option ” Application for entry visa to Israel for a purpose of work” and fill out entirely, including the part defining who is your employer or sponsor.
• Deciding on coming to Israel on a pilot visit? Determine if your country requires a visa to enter Israel…


3. Gain knowledge of basic Hebrew


• Although mainstream Israelis speak and understand English quite well, Israelis usually prefer to write and speak in Hebrew. Therefore, Hebrew is a must if you will be staying in Israel for the long-term!
• You can feel free to contact us if you’d like to find a Hebrew program (Ulpan) anywhere in Israel. Allow us to arrange you the most affordable and accredited study programs in Israel.

4. Establish a moving date and a place to live

Setting a date

• Have a set moving date for your employer so they can consider hiring you or hold your job position until you arrive. However this will also depend on the right timing for hire.
• Now it’s time to find rent or a place to live! You can visit our frequently updated apartment rental page or send us an email at Momentum123g@gmail.com. We’ll pull out the most recent database listings according to your desired area/criteria and help you find the right place to live.


5. The right timing for hire


• Israeli employers usually interview and hire immediately once they found the ideal candidate (ranging from 1-3 weeks) as there is usually an urgent need to cover a job position quickly.
• Also keep in mind there’s a plethora of employees seeking work in the small country and employers don’t have time responding to everyones email. Therefore, contacting employers 3 weeks before your moving date to a recently published job posting can increase your chances at getting the job/career that you wish.
To find employment in Israel, contact LiveworkIsrael@gmail.com


6. For Jewish immigrants ~ Aliyah Organizations


• If you have Jewish roots, Aliyah organizations such as Taglit or Nefesh B’ Nefesh can also be tremendously helpful with your flights, living benefits, and even offer financial assistance from the government.
Apply through one of these organizations and they may also send you on your first flight to Israel, gratis  🙂
Please share your thoughts below or Email us at Momentum123g@gmail.com! 

~Rani Cohen 

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  1. Shalom Rani, my name is Luba from the Ukraine, I am looking for working as a caregiver for the elderly and also work as a professional artist. Can you give me advice on how I can go about doing this ? Thank you , Luba

    • Shalom, Luba

      Thank you for posting your comment. I would be glad to lead you to the right direction.

      First of all Luba, you are in luck finding work as caregiver in Israel. Please review this link if you haven’t already:


      Since you do not need a travel visa to Israel coming from the Ukraine, (we have about 35,000 Ukrainians living today in Israel), the next thing we can do after you have a set flight ticket date is to start contacting Licensed caregiver agencies:


      In regards to working as a professional artist Luba, can you be more specific? as art is a broad field. i.e. Canvas artist? Architect? Digital artist?

      Also do you have Jewish roots? if so, you may be able to receive Aaliyah benefits or help with your flights from Taglit or Nefesh Be’Nefesh

      p.s another interesting site (to all Ukrainians) is the business opportunities available between Israel and Ukraine, you can find from the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce here:



      • Shalom Rani !

        Thanks for the information it was helpful. I am a mixed media and digital artist, you can find my artwork here if you enjoy the arts;-)


        Yes, I have Jewish roots and have checked the Taglit and Nefesh BeNefesh. I plan on moving to Israel in Mid-November. My Hebrew is not very well however, would you be able to help in contacting the agencies? I may also need some assistance in finding a place to stay, I have a few connections in Beer Sheba so I can move there, however I love the beach so maybe you know of a good area near the beaches (I’m sorry for asking so many questions!)

      • Luba,

        You shouldn’t be sorry for asking questions, that’s what we are here for! 🙂

        Thanks for sharing the link to your artwork by the way, you appear to be very talented. I may have someone I know who is a professional artist who may be able to help sell your artwork here in Israel. I can talk to him and send you his email if you wish.

        In regards to a place to live, we can help find a place for you. However, you’ll need to decide if you would like to live in Beer Sheba near your friends or by the beach as there are several excellent options. Then we can make suggestions and move on from there.

  2. Good Day Sir, my name is Roshan, I am writing from Sri Lanka,

    Presently I am working as a hotel receptionist at the front lobby. I also have good experience in caring for elderly men and doing house chores. I love the Jewish people and would like to work in Israel. Do have any advice in finding employment or referring me to an agency that would be willing to hire me?

    • Shalom Roshan,

      I can refer you to a list of agencies that hire foreign workers for work at a hotel or for caregivers.

      However, please be specific in which trade you wish to work.

      This is because in Israel, you can only work at one trade as foreign worker. I would suggest picturing in your mind what you can see yourself enjoying doing most in the long term…


  3. Hi Rani,

    im an italian girl with a great experience in customer care service,translation/interpreter and tourism guide,speak fluently four languages and basic hebrew and im willing to relocate to israel.
    can you guide through this process?
    thank you very much,teodora

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